Finished/Unfinished Projects

We are able to evaluate finished and unfinished developments and to identify and implement value enhancement strategies for projects that involve real estate loans,secured non-performing loanss and REO servicing. This may entail repositioning of the development (if needed), project development and construction management for completion of the project, for the marketing of units and assets etc.

In order to decide on an appropriate way of dealing with a finished or unfinished development, a preliminary assessment is required at the outset. Assessing the future viability of unfinished developments often requires a case by case basis. We rely on full economic insights including but not limited to projected cash flows based on reasonable assumptions, for creating the best asset management plan our clients can find.

All assessments are critically dependent on the expected commercial viability of the development and all cost benefit analyses and projections prepared for sites need to clearly demonstrate that additional financing add and/or preserve value, and/or minimize potential loss in value of the real estate property.