Ofer Lieberson

Chairman and Founder

Ofer Lieberson final choice

  • More than 25 years’ experience in the real estate sector, including 10 years of actively investing, developing and managing real estate in Romania
  • From the early 1990’s, involved in and led an investment groups purchasing and managing more than 30 residential and commercial building  in New York
  • Background includes substantial investment and management experience  in collaboration with international investors and institutional real estate  funds
  • From 2004 Led institutional and private investors in the acquisition of more than 50 real estate assets totaling more than 1 million square meters in Romania
  • Extensive experience in managing and reporting to institutional investors such as patron capital LLP . Including equity, debt capital raising and structured finance
  • Founder of Tagor development and asset management in Romania. A Local partner, investor and asset manager for international investors buying real estate assets ,REO and secured NPL’S
  • Tagor is currently managing real estate investments of 100+ million euro in Romania and has  4 active development projects of 400 apartments and commercial centers